Loathe of Bread

by starflakes

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released August 18, 2015

lj compton and jordon gendraitis



all rights reserved


starflakes Ware, UK

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Track Name: Chamelons
humpty like im lyin out of bed, with a red, between my legs, know im fed, but im not dead, filled with homestead, staying out of my head, transported to the planet sexual, fantasy, japanese, overseas, burying my trees, baby underlings, flying out of these, helicopter wing, no youve never seen what i seen.

its all a mix, i scream to the flip,_______ now im gonna miss, everything till this, i got this lisp upon my wrist

cruisin in a maxwell house, im losing all my feels right out, im feelin like im goin out, but really im just stayin in, cuz i got this water trick pony, that i find, its all out of mind, but she tells me that its fine.

oo i go out to the cinnamon couch but its too much leath x4 4 u take that 4u

jamminjordon, **///, zombie-steppa
Track Name: nature beat
i want every person to be complete leafy motion
i tell anybody to keep steady while im flowing
his beats ready, shes been heady, they shake any potion,
gamma crow(l)ing, lemons growing
fins heavy, get sank in, any
person, that is throwing
my moneys, crumbled into, funny
planes of, crummy looooootion
Track Name: vlowers now
hours go, flower snow, we can flow, we cant flow, we can go, we can know, helping those, will not show, colors tho, color show, when we glow, flowers tho, how much tho, pissed on toes, camera show, let loose grow, it will know, it will show, i cant go, i cant flow

misses understand me plz, beesides that week, last week was so _ weak, yea, hit up last weekend, no _ we end, this never gonna end, less its in sync with my sleep

noses on my shoulders, hairy noses on my shoulders, zipping up my backback, lost another ratpack, found another ratatat, looks at me like im fat, cuz i ran away from that, was not feeling up to that , spilled over and left for drags, thankfully the pieces flat.
Track Name: loose collar
hammered out its already summed up

gonna fly with a gucci noone gonna follow

picking out haters like a real gardens

spraying them endless old baby showins

flowing brethren

hopped up im too crunked now
to get out of this hummer
losing imy mind every other (time im bummered)
cluein into holes like its a Kdrama
brother got that foil from the past other mother
mr, get out of ya fukin lil flower
you as a real a every three headed clover
got ya hands in my glovebox,
if you scramblin for a dolla,
n u got a mind that you just cannot ever follow

bitches be flexin when they comin
dimebags, duscolored eyes,
thorugh the lens, matters fine,
as her lexus, double grind,
to the metal, laced up panel, where you henchin,
cmon beat, another wrapper,
into pulpous cetic critics
when youre goin down this hexin
ill be deeper than solar plexus
riding like a tyrannical rexus

this is how far ill reach my presskit
cuz im living off of breakfast
but im reachin for that brisket
wanna basket full of fishes
reallign my own messages
nevermind i got you flexin
i can see yo pecks from texas lol

flower faced judas headed
when im closing all my stiches

homies got that blue collar
going off that loose holla

i wont rush to that place where they mess
baby you not even text
got me on that hella mex

maybe im of the pocket
man im goin of out ya mind

i just got a message
tellin me that all the time

yeah but you really on my mind, and you
really got that fine way of blowing up in my pace

cuz its summer all the time,
and u always gonna find me losing all of my pe soszzz
Track Name: scan patrol
haje ma, ima raw, fleshy pine needle, socks are damper than yo mothers mini seat cushions, saltying they heads, flower beds, cheeky geek squadron, gimme lead, lemme choke life, from these teen tendons, clementine speaks, when shes weak, but i never wanna keep, just know thats where i sleep, please keep out the fuckin deep, got that new shit you so neat, gonna play it till ya beat, got far too much to reap, no one can even steep


nannies on my main flag, pannies china bread, silky fine, underline, second one whose dead, out of twine, maker mine, on that grind, on that slime, out of time, never blind, creepin till im back to the car i forgot my sword never knew my feet were sore, im wearing heelys to the grocery store, mop that floor im so organic, and poor.

every week
lookin bleak
ppl speak
ima freak

wanna swim in that shallow
ima going on that auto autopilot
bread crumbs you follow, and eat till ya hollow
on halloween im callow, as mothafuckas swallow,
one empty handed smile, will reek upon yo pile,

misunderstand my minion, he is not an opinion,
that truth is what im fiction, your front is fuckin fleetin,
so slap yoself and wallow, at least a fuckin while,
until it make you hollow, you then will only follow,
yourself in to mallow

Track Name: noname
an dae o
an dae o
we a gutter roll
posting grass, feeling glass, till the pana folds


gonna miss, me in six, o noticed o negative, im so negative,
flexin to the next, like its honor roll, an dae o x 2 my face isnt cold

gonna fish, make a mist, crispy fix, double six
ajashi, mona lisa, metal teeth, on a preacha, cant believe, kimba sings, my count

shoutouts to ring of fire, 50/50, loudpack and hope st.

im so underplzed, she wanna scream at me so im like let it be

so many meanings mean nothing, i flip flop im fluffin im puffin on these china cards, misalligned, feel so retarded, forever, married down dom mart