"it's okay bb"

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released October 14, 2015




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starflakes Ware, UK

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Track Name: save it for someone else
Your brain is a person obsessed with ice cream. Vanilla pools gleam beneath first rings. Reflection inflates on a hot sugar bubble. You stare till it pops and you do a "why me"? I conjure a gun in my hand and shoot up. I smack that ass till them tears fill up my cup. This excess of positive vibes equals trouble. Says alien silver tongue deep in my gut. I threw up these thoughts in the trunk of a jone, and hoped that my bro would wake welcoming a foreigner dripping lost on his shoulder, and I know that were older, but I still see you as the other eye in my beholder, but fuck it man, I'm cool, still blowing.
Track Name: LITE BRITE

green grass
lax ass
soft pass
truce flash
im just passin end ash
to the other flu rash
gross fuckin zoo cat
gosh i make some muzak
comes ina vitapak
timeless vander sax
in every fuckin track
gotta get a new pack
anyone will do that
ripping outa moose flesh
blood boiling goose hat
im so fucking ghoulish
why im hatin you wish
charm of hades cruising
heavy lovers losin


me and my kind dont talk. here, have a pie slice of my clock just believe in my thoughts we dont need what they taught dont internalize spies of the plot chicken skin suit cocked dont look back at the cops in the twilight smoking grass arguing with intruding eyelash dip into my penny stash gotta think past if i ever wanna learn how to drip cash on a bitch leave it for an ATM glitch im global entranced by Exxon Mobil wanna trickle to my locals kinda hard when all you do is sweat a few vocals but collectively can hit the G of 3 and poke holes piercing light natural process raping night eat that candy i was right all along i was right i was right

Track Name: well sounds
Track Name: hatemail
she is clean

she is clean

soho she gon run em ova

she so icy to me

so give me all them jenes

diamonds on everything

shootin senzu beans

run em ova

call the limousine

i wont front

7eleven is the place

where i hang w/ her forever

fill em up with the hate mail

in the box, check it out

be their friends, champion

beat em when, you miss ya remmy

stare down

but i cant

window sill

silo wanna

wanna roll down

down the hill

roll em ova

they so clean

we so clean


she so icy to me, so give me all them geans,

diamond everything

shootin senzu beans

run em ova

call the limo

oh fun


hang out forever

suck it friend





roll ova



choke whyself

cat butt
verse 1:
she say that she want that dick
i tell that bitch to follow
cuz she aint worth two dimes cept unless she swallow
im drownin in that gwallo
lookin like a shark bro
no head no brains look how fast my car go
got at least two planes i can fly ya in
once you live this life you wont go home again
never found love till it found me
now they say my name "hey just look where saizwha be"

never found love, never found love
love just found me
since ive been feeling crispy
my dick is where ya bitch be
she want that tip B
I get that money call me richie, richie
never found love never found love
she just found me
im takin shots like kobe
im ballin like ginobili
i got ya in mah scope g
im bout ta shoot ya down brought a couple rounds POW

i watch ya from afar
in my fancy car
just wanna getcha in, so I can see how far
we can go
maybe ill love you
maybe I wont thats a possibility too
see I use my vocabulary
make the beats that sound so scary
not a lactose I drink all that fuckin dairy
she just want a ring
she wanna get married
but I never found love bitch until Im buried




no you never found love but you never found me

look at my self with bohemian rhapsody

gonna fly up to weeks

high road is not a dream

its a mainstay that we stay wired to for shades

o so fuck it mane, gotta stay broken

diamonds under every time i get up and rang

figure out for a minute or finity
Track Name: lost it found
like i would ever wanna catch with a friend

looking like a clown im standing by again

get a kick out of it now but trapped up again

stick my face out the window and i take a lend

gonnareah reading outcha face no

i cant ever keep this on the down low

you were taking shots and i was leaning down real tho

now im loosend up and you gon tell ima steal yose

gaps arent my friends

they be leaking sorry trends

gaps arent my friends

they be leaking sorry ends

that trick is so trill she gonna eat it like she mean it

and i get so tt why L gonna bring it up to me

like i got no siphon for it, did you see that streak

telling you right now cuz you forget shit in a week

god im so-

we can not ever change thus far i believe in stars no candy bars

i speak from LARs and fill your jar

tell me im far from you my cards


got myself too sideways,

trade it in a minute and i wouldnt make it far away

but that shit is just here to stay,

so may as well learn to be tame.