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such esthetique


released August 31, 2015

warren copson, mj tenditis



all rights reserved


starflakes Ware, UK

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Track Name: started as...
sunny sunny days

sunny sunny days


i re arrange my Space

its not in my face anymore
its out there, with more
than i can feel

anytime i get real
no, banana peel
slip (up!) like an eel

on a shoe
made of sheels
and my shin
breakin heels
and my knees
may kill

~~~~~~matters got worse when i left off.

of the other madame
Padame plz arrange that shi-
before i get the next 1
Stevie Nixon
Lemon Honey Bun
Which is next?
What is wrong?
whys it take so long
oh whyd you write this../
Track Name: pleisure
i get it iget it
i get that outer vibe

run and hid, i get that
reminisce on this fit
doesnt fit

hit by the crit, im so fuckin lit
now what time is it
you cant tell me shit
i rose from the petals
listening to black metal
so swung by the kettle
this aint yose this is my hello.
never felt so mellow
crawling down from the bellows
smell like rats and lookin yellow
im that goose limpin fellow
spell it out when you fell off
felt plugged
i dogged
we fought alot
i get it i get that
out in outer vibe
run and hide i get that reminisce on this fit (doesnt fit)

so steal this verse take it away
i know that im out of space
Track Name: toybocks
get em sum of that prp
anything it will work
coming down onto earth
like im fire with no worth
smirking off of my jerk-face
tearing ways off my shoe-lace
maybe cuz im in glast-pace
maybe cuz i got no-face

famous isnt right taste
nothin makes em feel shame
nada i gotta make
slap it down like lancakes
jammin just to make way
lest we get out today
healthiness is my play
happiness is my gay
really mane

but i stormed off.//

got no form

im orion to the sky
foreign blazers i gets wine spit
covers in a flat light
many many kites

indicating indica many lions gettin cut
on my plate su-